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A Natural, Non-Drug Resource for Children of All Abilities and their Parents
Including Regional Center Families Who Now Have Self-Determination

"When Your Brain and Body are in Balance Your Life is in Equilibrium"

About Barbara Schwartz, M.A.

Integrative Whole Brain Learning Specialist

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EQUILIBRIUM can improve your child’s social and academic life as well as your family dynamics with natural, time-tested methods: no drugs or invasive tests are used. Although medications may be necessary, they may not be sufficient. With our proven system your child will build self-confidence while reprogramming and re-educating his/her learning and behavioral patterns. Find out how EQUILIBRIUM can curb your child’s disruptive behaviors, increase his/her academic abilities and bring calm, order and peace to your household so that all family members can use their energies productively.

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When everything is in balance, the body and brain work harmoniously with one another. Low self-esteem, depression or anxiety coupled with a lack of coordination, learning disorders and developmental or sensory challenges, make this process more difficult. EQUILIBRIUM is based on rebalancing the mind and the body with a variety of holistic techniques.

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Can this program help my child? EQUILIBRIUM has been the answer for many children and teens, no matter their abilities or skill levels. To find out more, schedule an assessment today and help your child overcome the obstacles holding him/her back. Ask about EQUILIBRIUM's “Learning and Daily Life Skills Made Easier” system.

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About Barbara Schwartz, M.A.

Barbara Schwartz, M.A., is the founder and creator of EQUILIBRIUM and is an Integrative Whole Brain Learning Specialist. She received a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education, trained in Holistic Health and extensive certifications in educational techniques to foster brain to physical body connections, and over 30 years of teaching experience in brain body training.

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Is your child struggling in school & life and you don't know why or how to help? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you tired of running from one professional to another? Have you tried many things with little or no success? EQUILIBRIUM’s Whole Person Centered Care Solutions can uncover the hidden causes that block your child’s success and move your child from the constant struggle to ease and success in school and daily activities.