A Natural, Non-Drug Resource for Children of All Abilities and their Parents
Including Regional Center Families Who Now Have Self-Determination

“When Your Brain and Body are in Balance Your Life is in Equilibrium”

Equilibrium Integrative Brain and Body Techniques

Parents know WHAT challenges their child is experiencing—their symptoms and the labels for these symptoms. They know and feel the on-going negative impact for the child, family and school.

Knowing the WHAT is important, but it doesn’t bring solutions to overcome the symptoms. These symptoms or dysfunctional behaviors prevent learning, achievement, and positive family interactions.

By working with the whole person, Barbara Schwartz, M.A., Integrative Whole Brain Learning Specialist, identifies the WHY, the many possible overlooked root causes for the symptoms. Utilizing her extensive trainings in the brain-body connection, Barbara addresses the HOW to overcome the symptoms, labels, and challenges by providing a roadmap and path of holistic solutions.

Learning and behavior can get back on track, can produce immediate measurable results, allowing improvement in a natural holistic process. The child and the family can function with a better quality of life and the child can succeed with the total activities of daily living now and in the future.

Services may include several modalities during one session including Educational Kinesiology/ Brain Gym®, Scotopic Sensitivity/Irlen Syndrome Evaluation, Essential Oils, Rhythmic Movement Training, and other modalities as they arise.

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Is your child struggling in school & life and you don't know why or how to help? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you tired of running from one professional to another? Have you tried many things with little or no success? EQUILIBRIUM’s Whole Person Centered Care Solutions can uncover the hidden causes that block your child’s success and move your child from constant struggle to ease and success in school and daily activities.