A Natural, Non-Drug Resource for Children of All Abilities and their Parents
Including Regional Center Families Who Now Have Self-Determination

“When Your Brain and Body are in Balance Your Life is in Equilibrium”

  • "Watching the changes in my granddaughter (age 13) has been amazing. I see more confidence in her. Attending your sessions has enabled her to complete more of her studies in school. Her ability to read and follow through on assignments is truly wonderful. I am so grateful that we learned of your work. Without you, she would still be fighting a losing battle. Her whole outlook has changed. She knows she can accomplish her goals. Your caring and training of her is deeply appreciated.” Grandmother

  • ”Thank you so much for the work you have done with my daughter (age 10). You have been a blessing to our family. We will be eternally grateful." Parent

  • "My son (age 4) never liked to get his hair cut. The experience would send him into a tantrum and would almost always have to be stopped for his safety. After working with you for 3 or 4 weeks, he sat through his first haircut!" Parent

  • “I thank you for all the help you’ve given me, especially with my reading.” Child (Age 10)

  • "Before my Equilibrium session I was tense and unable to focus on the important things. But after my session I was able to finish my homework. I felt more focused than before and a lot more relaxed. This enabled me to get things done quicker and more thoroughly which raised my grades and essentially increased my self-esteem.” Child (Age 14)

  • “When he went back to school just 3 weeks later I was getting so many comments from his teacher and classroom aides. They couldn’t believe their eyes. there was such a dramatic difference in his performance in school. “He came back a different boy.”Educator/Parent

  • “These are my improvements since I’ve been coming to Barbara Schwartz: I can do math easier. I can get along with people better. I can do more without thinking of what I am doing.I can concentrate better. I’m happier than I was. My reading is easier. My writing is better.” Child (Age 13)

  • I want to thank you for creating such an innovative and inspiring program with Equilibrium. Your approach to reaching the “whole child” in the learning process is truly awesome, not to mention effective!” PTA Council

  • “Our daughter is six years old now. While she was growing up we had the feeling that there was something missing. We took her to many doctors and they all told us that she was fine and healthy. We still knew something was wrong, but never put a finger on it. Her teacher recommended Barbara Schwartz to us. Our daughter has made huge improvements and is doing much better in school.” Parent

  • “Thank you very much for your participation in our staff meeting. Our employees enjoyed your presentation.” Educator

  • “Our daughter has shown dramatic improvement in her reading since using the color overlay from Equilibrium!”Parent

  • "I’m glad I met you. Since I got the blue overlay my eyes don’t hurt and I can read better.”Child (Age 12)

  • "I only started using these products four days ago and I have already noticed a big difference especially in regards to controlling anxiety. The two things I don’t miss since I started using the products is taking a sleeping pill at night and taking migraine medicine during the day.”Essential Oils

  • "Equilibrium Healing helps me to improve in school and life issues. Your help has instilled me to do a better job than before."Child (Age 11)

  • “This presentation will help you both in the classroom and in your day to day lives.”Educator

  • You must be “Glenda the Good Witch”, because the pain that has kept me sleepless for the past 3 nights has practically disappeared after only one session with you. I can’t thank you enough for surprising me like that. All I can say is “What a relief!”Adult

  • “I am able to focus and think things through. I am not as impulsive as I used to be.”Adult

  • "Since my sessions with Barbara Schwartz I have experienced a great reduction in my migraine headaches and eye irritation, especially after reading.” Adult

  • “The following are some improvements that we have seen with our daughter (age 13): (has Cerebral Palsy) She walks independently, only occasionally falling. When she meets new people she doesn’t get angry anymore. She sometimes even says “Hi.” Her toes are less curled up than before.”Parent

  • "In the short six weeks that my daughter (age 13) has been working with you her test taking has improved. Her test scores have been much higher and much more consistent. Her attitude toward her homework has been much more positive. Her overall attitude and self-confidence has improved. The skills and techniques that she has learned have made a definite difference in a very short period of time.”Parent

  • “The oils help my son (age 4) sleep more soundly and have kept him from getting up at night and going into our bed to sleep which was an ongoing problem.”Essential Oils

  • "The presentation is very helpful. It helps to better understand why children act the way they do. It nalso teaches about relaxation and understanding your body.”Educator

  • "My daughter seems to have come out of herself more and seems more confident in her day to day activities and interactions with people and situations." Parent

  • "Since going to Equilibrium, I have noticed improvements. I have felt more inner happiness. I used to have trouble zipping up one of my jackets. I can now zip it up. The mountains used to move. They no longer move. I used to have anxiety when making decisions. My anxiety has improved when I make decisions." Adult (Age 22)

  • “I now know why some of our children have problems with completing their assignments. The value of knowing allows me to be more patient with the kids and use the methods that were provided.”Educator

  • "The essential oils helped me and made me feel better.”Child (Age 12)

  • “Your holistic approach to assisting children of all ages is such a great tool in helping everyone face their greatest challenges and then make their own special connection to learning.”Educator

  • "We picked out two overlay colors which helped my reading a great deal.”Parent

  • “I find using Essential Oils in my continuing therapy interesting and useful. Release Oil is particularly soothing. I find the oil from Young Living is more comfortable to use than the cheaper stuff I bought." Essential Oils

  • "After all the years of frustration finding you and Brain Gym has been a blessing. We could never thank you enough.”Parent

  • "What a great tool for teachers.”Educator

  • “I couldn’t stand living in the present and my future looked pretty bleak… I wasn’t motivated todo anything. I had to let go of the grief I was holding onto concerning my failed relationship. Barbara Schwartz began working with me. After just the first session with her I saw results. I was calmer, less grief stricken, and more importantly at peace with myself."Adult

  • "This is good for everyone, so you know how to help children that have a hard time focusing”Educator

  • "My mother (age 92) was willing to have a session with Barbara. She has not experienced another vertigo attack since her one and only session with Barbara!”Adult

  • "I enjoyed the calmness of the class. The ideas were great."Educator

  • "Equilibrium session with Barbara Schwartz. It was a peaceful feeling to treat my problem, vertigo. All sense of instability left me and I have not had a recurrence. I am so grateful."Adult (Age 92)

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Is your child struggling in school & life and you don't know why or how to help? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you tired of running from one professional to another? Have you tried many things with little or no success? EQUILIBRIUM’s Whole Person Centered Care Solutions can uncover the hidden causes that block your child’s success and move your child from constant struggle to ease and success in school and daily activities.