"A Natural, Non-Drug Resource for Children of All Abilities and their Parents"
Including Regional Center Families Who Now Have Self-Determination.

“When Your Brain and Body are in Balance Your Life is in Equilibrium”


EQUILIBRIUM can improve your child’s social and academic life as well as your family dynamics with natural, time-tested methods: no drugs or invasive tests are used. Although medications may be necessary, they may not be sufficient. With our proven system your child will build self-confidence while reprogramming and re-educating his/her learning and behavioral patterns. Find out how EQUILIBRIUM can curb your child’s disruptive behaviors, increase his/her academic abilities and bring calm, order and peace to your household so that all family members can use their energies productively.

Increase Your Child’s Potential with EQUILIBRIUM

We all want our children to be happy, social and successful, but sometimes they hit road blocks that they don’t know how to get around. EQUILIBRIUM provides a roadmap that produces positive changes in your child’s attitude and abilities taking them from being:

• Frustrated to satisfied

• Doubtful to empowered

• Out of control to mastering their emotions

Knowledge is power.

EQUILIBRIUM is a whole person centered care system. Using holistic techniques, I work with children, teens and their parents to develop individualized effective solutions to combat a host of academic and behavioral obstacles that can limit their potential and lower their self-esteem. In the end, your child has a set of customized tools that help them achieve his/her goals instead of wasting time compensating for perceived inadequacies.

EQUILIBRIUM will not work without your support. It requires input from you, your child, and anyone else involved in their educational needs--tutors, teachers or school administrators.

My system has worked for many children and their families, but it is not a quick fix. Your child’s behaviors, attitudes and work habits have taken time to develop, and they will not be resolved in just a few sessions. However, parents who have followed my guidelines and reinforced our sessions with “home play” assignments have told me they’ve seen remarkable improvements in their child’s abilities. Tasks that once seemed beyond their child’s grasp suddenly became achievable. Your child’s progress can steadily improve too as we change their negative mindset and behaviors into positive ones. Great things can happen when we all work together.

Contact me today to find out more about my “Learning and Daily Life Skills Made Easier” system and how you and your child can participate.

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Is your child struggling in school & life and you don't know why or how to help? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you tired of running from one professional to another? Have you tried many things with little or no success? EQUILIBRIUM’s Whole Person Centered Care Solutions can uncover the hidden causes that block your child’s success and move your child from constant struggle to ease and success in school and daily activities.